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Academia imposes more restrictions on format, structure, tone and style than almost any other type of writing. And for most people, no other piece of writing they do will have more impact on their lives than their final post-graduate papers.

This is not the time to ask Mom or a friend to give your paper the once over. Hopefully, those people were there to encourage and help you while you did the research and writing, but before you submit the most important document of your academic career, you need a professional, objective and honest editor to give it a thorough and critical review.

My background is technical, my interests are widely varied, my passion is words and I am a zealot about structure, tone and audience, so regardless of the faculty or subject, I will be comfortable with the content, verbiage and structure.

Whether you need a simple but thorough proof against your school's format guide or more in-depth help with structure and wording, the peace of mind that you are submitting a clear, clean, concise and error-free paper is priceless.

Note:  I do not edit undergraduate or secondary school papers without the express authorization of the pertinent academic institution. All post-graduate papers will be edited in compliance with The Editors' Association of Canada's "Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Theses."

​​​​Your project, perfected. Clarity. Style. Impact.