Do you really need an editor?  

If your project is important--either to you or your audience, boss, clients or academic assessors--then yes, you do need an editor, no matter the size or scope of your project.

You would not spend $500 on a new suit or dress and go out to an important business or social function without ironing it, polishing your shoes and ensuring your tie or accessories matched and complemented your outfit. While the main garment provides the foundation, the details make or break the overall effect.  So too with writing:  Your research, knowledge and talent are the key elements, but it is the grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and tone that will ensure the audience gets the most out of the content.  McGahey Editing can help you iron out the wrinkles, apply the polish and choose the accessories that will ensure your written project has clarity, style and impact.

Whether it is a short story to submit to a magazine contest, your fifth full-length novel, a white paper or technical document critical to your company's new product, your doctoral dissertation or the invitation to your 50th wedding anniversary, McGahey Editing provides a full range of professional and economical editing services tailored to your project, your needs and the needs of your readers.

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​​​​Your project, perfected. Clarity. Style. Impact.

McGahey Editing provides a full range of editing services tailored to your needs and budget:


How it looks:  Spelling, punctuation and consistency of format.  The final error check of a finished and edited document before it goes to print.

Copy Editing

How it reads:  Grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, consistency of stylistic choices and punctuation usage and adherence to any imposed format guides or chosen style guides. This is the sentence-level meat and potatoes editing process.

Stylistic Editing

How it feels:  Tone, voice, clarity, tailoring language to the audience and eliminating jargon, word choice, style choice and the consistency of all of these elements.

Structural Editing

How it works:  Logical structure, format, order and balance, adherence to the purpose of the document or plot of the story.  The building blocks of every written project.

Note:  For more detailed definitions of these levels of editing, please look here.