Whether it is a novel, short story, blog or work of non-fiction, as an author you have poured your heart and soul into your project and you want an editor that takes a personal interest in your creation. When you work with McGahey Editing, you work directly with me and I approach every project as a unique work by an author with a unique voice and style.

While I am thorough, detailed and downright nit-picky, I also know that authors are not slaves to style guides and grammar conventions. It is my job to not only catch mistakes or broken rules, but to recognize the difference between a broken rule and a stylistic choice, and then to ensure that those style choices remain consistent from beginning to end of your written project.

The level of editing I provide is also tailored specifically to your financial limits and artistic desires. I can do a simple proofing to make sure there are no glaring spelling or punctuation mistakes all the way up to helping with book structure and style, or anything in between.

One of the things I most love about my job is the variety of styles, subjects and voices I get to experience from one project to the next. Whether you just need a last minute error check before you submit or want more substantive editing for your writing, I look forward to helping you perfect your  project!

Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Short stories and magazine or journal submissions
  • Novels and collections
  • Non-fiction books and articles
  • Blogs

​​​​Your project, perfected. Clarity. Style. Impact.

“Mark’s vast knowledge and attention to detail provide thorough and conscientious editing, while his obvious love of the written word shines through with valuable and insightful suggestions.” Kathi M. Nidd, author.